Shwe Thit Oo is a producer and exporter of beans, pulses, and seeds in Myanmar. Established in 2009, our family-owned enterprise is led by a team with extensive expertise in both agriculture and trading. Our roots trace back to a rich agricultural heritage, as our founders’ parents were engaged in a small-scale agriproduct business back in 1970.

We are strongly committed to ensuring product safety. We support farmers by imparting agricultural knowledge and engaging in contract farming. Our own processing facilities enable us to tailor packaging according to specific customer requirements. Our international customer base has grown significantly since our inception. We have successfully exported superior beans and pulses to countries all over the world. Key markets include India, the Middle East, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China.

In 2011, we initiated agrochemical import operations and started the production of premium offerings such as whole sorted, huskless split, and high-quality bean sprouts for varieties like black matpe, green mung, and black-eyed beans. Guided by a vision of global expansion, our goal remains steadfast: providing safe, quality food to consumers worldwide.