Through an extensive network of around 19 collectors, we acquire pulses and beans from farmers spanning diverse regions in Myanmar. Our primary sourcing regions cover Ayeyarwaddy, Bago, Magwe, Sagaing, Mandalay, and Yangon. We mainly get our supplies from Ayeyarwaddy and Bago, where there is a favourable climate for growing rice in the rainy season and beans in the autumn. Diligent and hardworking farmers contribute to these regions’ agricultural success. To uphold product safety, we provide agricultural assistance, implement contract farming, and strive to elevate the livelihoods of farmers.

In Yangon, our two factories serve as processing centres for the raw materials obtained from collectors. The annual production ranges between 15,000 and 20,000 metric tonnes of beans and pulses, predominantly catering to India’s industrial pre-cleaned raw material demands. We export to various international destinations, including the Middle East, the UK, the USA, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China. We follow strict waste management standards for our facilities and are dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards. Our processing factory uses advanced Buhler sortex and Mark sortex machines, destoners, and various separators to carefully clean, dry, sort, split, mill, and fractionate the products.